Sustainability is very important to our practice. We are passionate about architecture that meets the demands of the present without impacting negatively on future generations. That means rethinking every step in our design process to prioritise environmentally friendly materials and methods from start to finish.

Conscious construction

Construction and the use of buildings are responsible for 40% of the UK’s total energy consumption. The average four-bedroom home takes around 200 tonnes of materials to construct. Some 84% of these materials are virgin (i.e., never used before). Some 12% of those virgin materials go straight into landfill without ever being used.

Evidently, the construction industry has some work to do. On the bright side, however, as architects, we are uniquely positioned to effect positive change through the design choices we make.

What we do

At our practice, we are committed to using sustainable materials and methods as much as possible within our projects. As one of our clients, you can be confident that we will do everything we can to implement environmentally conscious construction practices throughout your project.

We are members of the Association of Environment Conscious Building, a network of industry professionals who share our passion for sustainable architecture and construction. As such, we have connections to sustainability experts who can advise us on issues including green building materials, energy conservation and renewable energy.

Contact Nicole Jones Architect

If you are interested in launching a sustainable construction project, or have any questions about this topic, get in touch today. We would be happy to arrange a free consultation on the phone, over email or on site.

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